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Credits status
You can check your credit status and the way to reload credits in the section credits which appear in the upper bar.
Any Kitlogic game, either in Training, Rooms or Challenges modes need 10 credits to be able to be played.


My profile
In this section you can modify your personal data and the avatar.

My booknote
In this section you can plan all your appointments and see the events created by the manager.

In personal stats you can find detailed information about your game progresses, as well as general information of the whole community.

In the Ranking section you will find the list of the best Kitlogic players, per category and per time spaces.

Private messages
The private messages section helps you communicate with the other players. You can send and receive messages,as well as delete them.

The peoplesearcher is useful to find other players according to the characteristics which interest us, or to see their card, send a Private Message or Challenge them.

In this section you can send via mail any suggestions, impacts or information you want.


The Rooms are the place where you can find other players waiting to play.
To start to play, you have to select the room with the difficulty level you want. Once selected, you will be taken directly to that room and when it is full, the game will start.
Your objective is to get all the minipoints before your opponents do. The minipoints are achieved wining rounds.
You can also win if you go first at the moment you arrive at the 20 rounds limit.
While you wait for opponents, you can train in a random game or play in a test Room against bots controlled by artificial intelligence. These two waiting options are free, so they do not consume any credit.

In training mode you can practice alone all the games available in the different categories. The training will end when you win all the minipoints or reach the 20 rounds limit, regardless your result.
Try to set the best times and you will appear in the first time ranking positions.

The challenges consist on a confrontation between two players sent by one of them to the other. To send a challenge there are 3 ways: through a challenge in the Play section, making a search through the Peoplesearcher or using the friend list selecting one of them. The bet amount depends on the challenge difficulty. To play a challenge implies the possibility to lose these credits or steal them from your opponent.

Depending on the game mode, the scoring that can be achieved while playing varies.
In training mode, some symbolic points are won in each game passed: that is, 50. Besides, the temporal positions are recorded.
In Room mode, the points are won depending on the game difficulty level:

  • Easy: 100 points
  • Medium: 200 points
  • Difficult: 400 points

In challenge mode, you can win but also lose points. The points bet by the two challenge participants are those won or lost. Depending on the challenge difficulty, one amount or the other will be given:

  • Easy: Bet of 150 points
  • Medium: Bet of 300 points
  • Difficult: Bet of 600 points


What are Successes?
The Kitlogic successes are a series of missions specifically designed for you to discover Kitlogic little by little so that your mental training is the most effective possible.

What do I get?
Every time you pass a Success you will be given a price in the form of points, new games, difficulty levels or access to Kitlogic special sections. To see what prices and what sections are unblocked with each Success, you must log in and access to the section Successes.
Some Successes give you more than a price when you pass them!

How do they work?
To be able to enjoy the Successes, you just have to log in. Nowadays, there are 80 different Successes and to be able to pass them all and each of them you just have to fulfil the conditions indicated in the panel situated in the Successes section of the Menu.

Where can I see the Successes?
First you have to log in in Kitlogic and then enter in the Successes section in the Menu on the left. Once inside, just moving the mouse over each Success you can see a detailed description where there are indicated: the number of Success, the instructions to fill it, the elements that are unblocked, the number of points given and the progress level completed.

There is a very difficult Success, can I pass it somehow?
Of course, the Successes have the aim that the process be gradual, but if some of them is too difficult to pass you can always change it for credits. To change a Success, log in and access to the Successes section. Once there, click on the Success you want to achieve and press the Change option.